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    Raffael is one of the Best in the sector of chestnut confectionaries, we produce our old and noble recipes and apply innovative methologies and advanced technologies, which make our product pop up with its taste and quality. Our chestnuts are made with the best artisan traditions and love. Our production of chestnuts comes from such regions as Piemonte, Toscana, Lazio, Calabria, Campania.

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    What do you know about chestnuts? Properly prepared chestnuts are more than a delicious addition to your diet. They also have health benefits, providing an excellent source of vitamins B6 and C, folic acid and potassium. Combine that with proteins and you have a power-packed food that tastes great, livens up your menus and helps protect your health. Also Chestnuts are used like medicine in some countries.


  • Marrons Glaces

    Marrons Glaces "Gold Edition"

    Marrons Glaces

    Marrons Glaces "Limited Edition"

    Marrons Glaces

    Marrons Glaces "Havana"

    Natural chestnuts

    Cooked whole Peeled Chestnuts "Tin 560 g"
    Cooked whole Peeled Chestnuts "Jar 420 g"
    Cooked whole Peeled Chestnuts "Pack 200 g"

    Candied oranges

    Strips of Candied Orange Peels
    Crystallized Orange Peel cubes
    Dried Crystallized Orange Peel
    Dried Orange Peel filets
    Candied Orange Peel rounders

    Candied lemons

    Strips of Candied Lemon Peels
    Dried Crystallized Lemon Peel cubes


    Crema di marroni 450 g
    Marroni allo sciroppo 470 g
    Marroni al Cognac 470 g
    Marroni al Liquore 470 g


    "Raffael Chocolate" of 10 tastes
    Liquor "Attimo"
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    Raffael SRL

    Via Provinciale 90 o Via Leone 4/6, 83025 Montoro Inferiore, Avellino-Italia

    Telephone:++39(0) 825 520758

    Fax:++39(0) 825 520747

    Email: info@raffael.it

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  • Our story

    The company, which owns the trademark Raffael, was founded in 1960 by the entrepreneurial initiative of the Mr. Ingino Raphael, who founded the Ingino Raffaele Srl, initially devoted to the commercialization of fresh chestnuts, fresh fruit and vegetables. Over the years, Mr. Raffaele Ingino, realizied flourishing and important market for chestnuts, expanded its production to domestic and foreign markets. In the 80s, there were changes to the leaders of the company with the entry of new members, the brand started new expansion in international markets, with the entry in the GDO, and conquest in a few years, major slices of the market, all made ​​possible by the flexibility and versatility of the production company. In the 90s the Ingino Raffaele Ltd., expanded its production to the field of frozen fruit, providing important leading industry groups worldwide. Since 2000, the Ingino Raffaele Ltd., has built a new factory for the candied fruit production for the industry, past and jams. The Ingino Raffaele Ltd., today is an important business structure, certified ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, which is located with its stores in different areas of Italy: S. Michele Mondovi (CN), Vallerano (VT), Montella (AV), Roccamonfina (EC), Acerno (SA), Montoro Inferiore (AV).