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Where his life story exists and lives. Understanding, embracing and enriching your own map of “the other.” Cross one’s own with the stranger and then leave again, step by step, at full speed. The tasting menu, ideally enjoyed in a group of three or four people, starts with fried pillowy cones of dough with an aged cheese fondue and dusting of dried olives, continues with a variety of pizzas and ends with a desert pizza. 1,610 people follow this. La Notizia: the “Where” of Enzo Coccia. Open Mon-Sat 11am-11.30pm, • Pizzeria Sorbillo and Pizzeria Oliva will be showcasing their food at the week-long Napoli Pizza Village, which takes place on the seafront on 1-10 June. The wood-fired oven occupies the centre of the restaurant, churning out pizzas at a breathless pace. Where the best food products of “Campania Felix” strengthen their flavors, aromas and colors. Where those who choose to spend an evening with us share the beauty of being together, eating and drinking. Forgot account? Where everything is the result of a great team effort. A well contrived test bench dominated by new combinations of ingredients, flavors, colors and aromas. Reflection of an undertaken path gradually enhanced, stumbling during one’s own course into diversity. Whereas the pizza from Sorbillo is huge and errs on the sloppy side, the pizza at Starita is firmer and has a delicious doughy but airy crust. Questo sito utilizza cookies tecnici e di profilazione e consente l'uso di cookies a "terze parti". The task of casting the spell to the master. The Tutino family have been making pizza for five generations and keep no fewer than three wood-fired ovens blazing to keep up with demand. Closed on Sunday. In 2017 a new guide, 50 Top Pizza, named Pepe In Grani the best pizzeria in Italy. To ease the wait, those in the know pick up a cold beer and a bag of Taralli crackers from the inconspicuous marble Aquafrescaio kiosk next door, which has been manned by the same signora for the last 50 years.• Via dei Tribunali, 38, 80138, Where employees are one big family that, when the working hours are over, gather around the table with the desire and happiness to share dinner. Best Restaurants in Vomero (Naples), Province of Naples. 1,597 people like this. Via Port'Alba 18 succ. Sunday – Thursday 7.30pm – 00.30am Friday and Saturday 7.30pm – 1.00am Closed on Monday . Continuando a navigare accetti l’utilizzo dei cookies, se non desideri riceverli ti invitiamo a non navigare questo sito ulteriormente. Where ancient techniques and traditions are strictly adopted. Diventa fan di Agrodolce su Facebook! For dessert, its speciality of fried dough balls dripping in warm Nutella is a must – work it off with a stomp around the nearby underground cemetery.• Via Materdei, 27/28, 80136, Proviamo a indicarvi le pizzerie di Napoli città con un bel dehors. Open Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, La Masardona has been specialising in deep-fried calzoni since the 1930s, when head chef Enzo Piccirillo’s family began selling them to hungry market labourers heading home from work. Friday – Saturday  19:30am-01:00 am A speed which is creativity, evolution, reasoning, culture, openness and will to do. Agrodolce racconta i luoghi e le persone del buon mangiare e del buon bere. Map. This is the “Other” of Enzo Coccia. 2 guests. Migliori ristoranti con tavoli all'aperto a Napoli, Italia: trova le recensioni dei viaggiatori di Tripadvisor sui migliori ristoranti con tavoli all'aperto a Napoli e fai ricerche per prezzo, località e altro. The event is free. Satellite. Opening hours. He also obsesses over technical details, such as avoiding subjecting delicate herbs like basil and oregano to heat, which he says destroys their flavour. A three-storey minimalist modern space down an alley in Caiazzo, the pizzeria lures pilgrims from around the world; they queue for hours for a slice of owner Franco Pepe’s version of the margherita, plus assorted gourmet creations. A volte si è costretti a due tavolini con quattro sedie, altre volte si allestiscono delle vere e proprie sale esterne, magari con viste spettacolari e suggestive. Melting pot of products and people, behaviors and emotions that are woven together in a deep dialogue between tradition and modernity, past and present. Open Mon-Sat 7am-4pm, If you are heading to a football match at the Stadio San Paolo in Fuorigrotta (Napoli’s home ground), it would be inexcusable to miss out on a pre-game visit to Fratelli Cafasso, run by one of the great pizza-making families in the city. Story of fairy tale, a dream Enzo believed in and its realization. Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio, 49/51 – 80126 Napoli. 113 check-ins. No reservations. Il buon cibo può migliorare il mondo oltre che noi stessi. Intriguingly, the pizzeria is named after a formidable female forebear of Piccirillo’s, whose job as “La Masardona” was to deliver secret messages verbally between revolutionaries. Fai sapere ai tuoi amici che ti piace Agrodolce, Un canale di, periodico telematico iscritto al R.O.C. Clear search . Story of poor food preparations, ‘mpustarelle and deep-fried pizzas, which, after being too often mistreated and adumbrated, for a long time, by richer meals and the stellar success of their baked “sisters”, have been ennobled as the humble girl who, raised from the fireplace pile of ashes she had to clean, became a beautiful queen. Outcome of a path that began with a clearly defined goal. 11 ristoranti. She is no longer concealed behind a dirty and sloppy apron. As well as the world pizza-making championship, there will be pizza demonstrations, talks and a showcase of 50 historical Neapolitan pizzerias. As Naples prepares to host the world pizza-making championships, here are 10 places to go for a pizza the action. Pizzeria, a synonym for home, a soul place. Friday and Saturday 7.30pm – 1.00am Pick up a delectable pizza portafoglio from Tutino’s as sustenance before a wander through the unruly Porta Nolana street market.• Via Cesare Carmignano, 79, 80142, Antica pizzeria Port'Alba Vomero. Where customers are warmly welcomed as friends hosted at home and complete the missing part of the chair cut in half that triumphs on the wall. The Cafasso brothers make traditional mouth-watering pizza served a little smaller than usual, meaning you won’t be too lethargic to sing through the litany of chants expected of you at the match.• Via Giulio Cesare, 156, 80125, About See All. Result of meetings and discussions, exchange of ideas and opinions, complications and challenges, tests and awarenesses, unexpected experiences and events: pieces of a complex puzzle that fit together progressively in the journey of a reasoned thought and a careful intention. Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio, 49/51 – 80126 Napoli, Sunday – Thursday 7.30pm – 00.30am Resta sempre aggiornato. Where the pizzeria becomes a creativity lab so as to offer unique combinations of flawless quality and taste. Family run for over a century, it famously remained open throughout both world wars and has been a pillar of the community ever since. Closed on Monday. Sunday -Thursday 19:30am-00:30am Se vuoi aggiornamenti su Campania, Napoli inserisci la tua email nel box qui sotto: Compilando il presente form acconsento a ricevere le informazioni 8:00 PM. They met between shifts learning the ropes of their family businesses that were on opposite sides of the road to each other, soon married and opened Pizzera Oliva … in 2014. That magic that will not turn the pumpkin into a sumptuous carriage, but into a delicious filling. You get the feeling you have under three minutes to sit, eat and pay but it is well worth the experience and works as a good simple lunch option.• Via Cesare Sersale, 1, 80139, Pepe’s pizzas may be approved by the AVPN but the rebellion behind their creation means they don’t pass muster with Unesco, which added the traditional art of pizza making to its list of “intangible heritage” in December 2017. Naples’ pizza heroes … Antonio Starita (left) with fellow chefs Gino Sorbillo (second left), Ciro Oliva (right) and Enzo Coccia (second). Open Tues-Sun midday-3.30pm and 7pm-12pm, Neapolitans will rarely order anything other than a margherita or marinara pizza so there is no better place to try them than at Da Michele, which makes nothing but. The city hosts the world pizza-making championships from 1-10 June 2018. hile the world pizza-making championships being held at the Napoli Pizza Village festival this week (1-10 June) will see the finest. They hang around with valiant knights, great Italian and French wines, which, proving their virtues, help to elevate them as excellences to revalue and savor. Sorbillo is renowned for making vast pizzas from organic Campanian produce. Anyone who takes pizza seriously should make a detour from Naples to the village of Caiazzo, 30 miles north of the city. From the stall to the throne, from the city’s tiny and humid streets to the upper districts, from the scraps, simple and cheap ingredients to top quality food goods. By reservation only: Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday. It’s also possible to stay in one of the property’s two (also minimally designed) bedrooms above the dining room (from €100 a night B&B). See more of Antica pizzeria Port'Alba Vomero on Facebook. Controlla la nostra Email ogni giorno e dicci se ci riusciamo. Closed on Mondays. From Friday to Saturday from 19:30 to 01:00 am Ordina per Pertinenza. Se vuoi ricevere informazioni personalizzate compila anche i All'interno di un palazzo di via pigna, Buon pub/pizzeria, grande e con una parte all'aperto...rapporto qualita' prezzo:buono.Da provare. Create New Account. While the most logical way to spot a good pizzeria in Naples is to look out for Pizza Vera signs issued by the AVPN above restaurant doors, the real indication of good pizza is the queue on the street outside. Where love for one’s own job coincides with the pleasure of cooking for others and make them happy. Reserve: 10/22/2020. Passionate about provenance, he favours locally grown tomatoes over the traditional San Marzano and uses his own blend of flour, with its superior nutritional value and digestibility. Quella del 2018 sarà sicuramente ricordata come una delle estati più insolite: il caldo che fa capolino per poi lasciare spazio a scrosci di pioggia, escursioni termiche che mettono in crisi il cambio stagione, la stagione ideale per mangiare pizza all'aperto, specialmente a napoli insomma un’estate che sembra ancora tardare a venire. His signature pizza, the margherita sbagliata (translates as margherita “wrong”, €8) is baked white, just with mozzarella, then brushed with pure tomato puree and a basil concentrate after it’s cooked, to prevent the pizza from getting soggy. While the world pizza-making championships being held at the Napoli Pizza Village festival this week (1-10 June) will see the finest pizzaioli from across the city compete for the 2018 title, Neapolitans will attest there are pizzerias in every neighbourhood worthy of an accolade. The place where Enzo finds himself. Naples’ most distinguished characters have patronised the restaurant over the years, attracted by its art-deco interior, white tablecloths and quintessential career waiters in their elegant waistcoats, white shirts and black bow ties.• Via Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 29-31, 80127, It appears everybody has finally got the memo though, as the scruffy Case Nuove district’s best-kept secret is now widely acknowledged as the temple of fried pizza in Italy.• Via Giulio Cesare Capaccio, 27, 80142, on Facebook. 4.2. Pizzeria Brandi (Salita S’Anna di Palazzo 1-2): è vero, avrete la sensazione di vivere proprio nel bel mezzo dei bassi dei Quartieri Spagnoli, ma l’atmosfera resta comunque suggestiva in quella che viene considerata la più antica pizzeria di Napoli, perché si racconta che proprio qui sia nata la Pizza Margherita, in onore della regina. See restaurants with gift cards. Open Mon-Sat 12.30pm-3.30pm and 7.30pm-11pm, Salvatore and Carla are La Sanità’s golden couple. For some Italians this deviation from the pizza norm makes Franco a maverick. It’s washed down with craft beer made by a nearby brewery especially for the restaurant. Now, on her heels, she wears fine dresses and jewelry. Not Now. Modelled on the successful World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, 50 Top Pizza is helmed by one of Italy’s most influential wine and food journalists, Luciano Pignataro, and the creators of the DOP Mozzarella Guild: Le Strade della Mozzarella. Enzo Coccia official web site Telephone +39 081 7148325. New combinations and new contaminations, as a stroke of magic, rewrote their story. In crust we trust … pizza fresh out of the oven at a Naples pizzeria. | 2.18.0, © Agrodolce 2013-2020 | T-Mediahouse – P. IVA 06933670967. Community See All. If there aren’t ravenous-looking Neapolitans waiting outside the neighbourhood pizzeria, then there is reason to suggest the pizza hasn’t garnered the collective approval of the locals. From Monday to Thursday from 19.30 am to 00:30 am La tua iscrizione è andata a buon fine. Where food becomes the resource that enables to get to know each other a little more, day after day. 4.2 out of 5 stars. This is the fairy tale of Enzo Coccia! Open daily 11am-4.15pm and 6.30pm-1am, Well and truly off the beaten track, in the northern outskirts of the city, Carminiello is as famous for its selection of freshly fried treats as its pizza: battered sliced aubergine, croquettes and rice arancini piled up behind the glass counter at the entrance. The queue to get into Sorbillo can take up to an 1½ hours because it makes perhaps the best pizza in the city. Find a restaurant . Locals might have varied preferences on which grocer stocks the best mozzarella or which fishmonger sells the freshest clams but there will usually be a consensus as to the best pizzeria. Open Mon-Sat 11am-10.30pm, Each neighbourhood in Naples is like a village: with its own parish church, piazza, market and usually trattorie and pizzerias to choose from. Ma questa resta la stagione preferita da tutti per uscire di sera e godere di un aperitivo con gli amici, di una cenetta al fresco dei tavolini all’aperto dei ristoranti a Marechiaro a Napoli o semplicemente di una bella pizza con gli amici e che sia soprattutto buona. Europe ; Italy ; Campania ; Province of Naples ; Naples ; Naples Restaurants; Search. Their warm welcome, imaginative pizzas and ideal location in front of the baroque Santa Maria della Sanita church make this a perfect lunch stop after wandering the back streets of this chaotic but characterful neighbourhood.• Via Sanità, 11/12, 80136, dell'informativa sulla privacy. Story of a transformation, the evolution and the rebirth of dishes that, like Cinderella, were still wearing old rags waiting to put on the precious glass slipper. Southern Restaurant in Naples, Italy. Driving force in a dynamic process of knowledge, sharing and respect for quality and territory: at its core the constant desire to find and select, among the smallest farming and manufacturing companies, the best handmade products of our land. relative ai servizi di cui alla presente pagina ai sensi seguenti campi opzionali: E il mondo dovrebbe cominciare a mangiare meglio. This makes no difference to Franco’s fans, who are prepared to pay more than average to eat something by him – and in a stylishly minimal restaurant that reflects his modern approach. Pizza Consulting, © Copyright 2013 - Pizzeria La Notizia 53 -. Log In. View map. Quasi tutte le pizzerie napoletane d’estate si attrezzano per dare la possibilità ai propri clienti di poter mangiare fuori, anche perché il consumo di pizza in questo periodo aumenta considerevolmente, ma tutto dipende dagli spazi e dalle autorizzazioni concesse dal Comune.

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